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Returned slightly more than a week ago from my family vacation to Hong Kong, and gosh, took me nearly a whole week to recover! 

Notwithstanding the tiredness, I’ve learnt a number of things (about myself and life in general) from the trip: 

  1. Traveling with 1 kid – easy peasy. 
  2. Traveling with 2 kids – manageable.  
  3. Traveling with 3 kids – OMG! Please kill me. 

In addition, don’t be too ambitious in the travel plan. While I had scaled it down, taking into account the challenges of traveling with 3 kids, I realized it isn’t enough. Less is truly more. 

I had to make changes on the fly to ensure that the plan remains realistic and achievable. That brings me to my last learning: don’t be afraid to make challenges. Yes, I did miss out on some of the attractions and things that I would like to do, but compared to keeping me sane and ensuring that the trip remains enjoyable, it’s a small prize to pay. 
All said, would I do it (traveling with 3 kids) again? Definitely yes as it’s extremely satisfying to see the smile on your children’s face when they have enjoyed the holiday. Plus, it’s a good (but tough) way to learn about parenting when pushed out of your comfort zone. 

More posts to come…


While planning for my family Hong Kong trip, I was invited to try out an online shopping portal, ShopBack. ShopBack offers cashback rewards when we shop online through their website, resulting in a substantial discount on top of what the original websites are offering. As it turns out, purchasing through them can be quite a good deal!

How it works?

As I am generally sceptical of free money (TANSTAAFL), I took some time to understand how their system works. To put it simply, ShopBack is sharing a portion of their income from merchant referrals with the consumers who booked through them, creating a win-win situation for everyone. It isn’t that much different from the cashback mechanism used by some of our credit card companies to encourage you to use them. The video on their site explains how it works:

Note: If you successfully refer 5 friends to sign up and shop from their website, you can earn up to S$120! Please use my referral link to receive $5 when you sign up, and then another $5 when you make your first purchase. You win I win!
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This story was written by guest writer Rohit Agarwal for Oblique / Travel.

Pondicherry, where the west resides in the east. The erstwhile French colony, Pondicherry is the most tranquil city in India. It is a breeding ground of all the aesthetic sides of civilisations – rich archaeological heritage, sumptuous sea food delicacies, spiritual awakening, pristine architecture and the serene beaches. Known for the Aurobindo Ashram and the French aura, Pondicherry is everyone’s go-to place. For the young and the happening, it has late night beach music and the low excise duty drinks. For the foodies, it is an endless celebration of exotic food at affordable prices. To the adventure junkie, it is the little bundle of joy. For the religious minded people, it a place of profound awakening.
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When we picked Hong Kong as our next holiday destination, a couple of concerns were raised. “Always busy”, “crowded with people” and “narrow sidewalks” are a couple of description used on the pearl of the orient. While they are all true (to a certain extent), Hong Kong is also a relatively family-friendly destination. In our last visit with number one, we could get by the city relatively comfortably. There may be some challenges, but they are not significantly different from those that I had to face at home. The key to eliminate some of these challenges is simply to plan ahead.

As I explore and identify possible places in Hong Kong to visit for this trip, a number of attractions stand out. In my opinion, these are fun-filled locations that are really suitable for all ages and can be enjoyed by the entire family. Some of these destinations are new to me, while others I had visited in the past. Nonetheless, five of the destinations that my family find worthy of a visit or are interesting for kids are listed here for reference.
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After a long period of inactivity (on travelling, that is), the family has finally sorted out the flight details for our holiday destination next month. It is going to be a relatively short flight from Singapore as we (wife and myself) are just warming up the engine again. We will be bringing along the family’s latest addition (6 months old), in addition to two toddlers (wish us luck managing them all!).


P/S: Oh… the destination?

Image credit © Hong Kong Tourism Board.